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To my Honoured friend Mr George


I cannot chuse but make it a presage that
I shall have no good fortune in England,
that I mist the honour of enjoying that
company, which you brought to town. But
I beseech you let my ill luck determine in
that ominousnesse: for if my not comming
should be by her or you interpreted for a
negligence or coldnesse in me, I were
already in actually and present affliction. For
that Ecclesiasticall Lady of whom you
write, since I presume it is a work of dark-
nesse that you go about, we will deferre
it for winter. Perchance the cold weather,
may be as good physique to you, as she,
for quenching you. I have changed my
purpose of going to Windsor, and will go
directly into the Wight: which I tell you
not as a concerning thing, but in obedi-
[CW: ence]

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