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To your selfe.


Age becomes nothing better then
Friendship; therefore your Letters,
which are ever good effects of friendship,
delight to be old before I receive them: for
it is but a fortnight since those Letters
which you sent by Captain Peter found me
at Spâ; presently upon the receit, I adven-
tured by your leave to bestow the first mi-
nutes upon this Letter to your faire Noble
Sister; And because I found no voice at
Spâ of any Messenger, I respited my Wri-
ting to you, till I came thus much nearer.
Upon the way hither, another Letter from
you overtooke me, which by my L. Chan-
dos love to me for your sake, was sent after
me to Mastricht: He came to Spâ within
two houres after I went away; which I
tell you to let you see, that my For-
tune hath still that spitefull constancy, to
bring me near my desires, and intercept me.
[CW: If]

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