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To the Honourable Knight, Sir
R o b e r t K a r r e.


Though I have left my bed, I have not
left my bed-side; I sit there still, and
as a Prisoner discharged, sits at the Prison
doore, to beg Fees, so sit I here, to gather
crummes. I have used this leisure, to put
the meditations had in my sicknesse, into
some such order, as may minister some ho-
ly delight. They arise to so many sheetes
(perchance 20.) as that without staying
for that furniture of an Epistle, that my
Friends importun'd me to Print them, I im-
portune my Friends to receive them Printed.
That, being in hand, through this long
Trunke, that reaches from Saint Pauls, to
Saint James, I whisper into your eare this
question, whether there by any uncomli-
nesse, or unseasonablenesse, in presenting
matter of Devotion, or Mortification, to
[CW: that]

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