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To your selfe.

The first of this moneth I received a
Letter from you, no Letter comes so
late, but that it brings fresh newes hither.
Though I presume, Mr Pore, and since,
Sir Rob. Rich came after the writing of that
Letter, yet it was good newes to me, that
you thought me worthy of so good a testi-
mony. And you were subtile in the dis-
guise: for you shut up your Letter, thus,
Lond. 22. in our stile, but I am not so good
a Cabalist, as to finde in what moneth it
was written. But, Sir, in the offices of so
spirituall a thing as friendship, so momen-
tary a thing as time, must have no consi-
deration. I keep it therefore to read every
day, as newly written: to which vexati-
on it must be subject, till you relieve it
with an other. If I ought you not a great
many thankes for every particular part of
it, I should yet thanke you for the length;
[CW: and]

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