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cover so much strength at London, as I shall
spend at London, I shall not be loth to be left
in that state wherein I am now, after that's
done; But I do but discourse, I do not wish;
life, or health, or strength, (I thank God) en-
ter not into my prayers for my self: for
others they do; and amongst others, for
your sick servant, for such a servant taken
so young, and healed so long, is half a child
to a master, and so truly I have observed
that you have bred him, with the care of
a father. Our blessed Saviour look graci-
ously upon him, and glorifie himself in
him, by his way of restitution to health;
And by his way of peace of conscience in
Your very true friend and servant in Chr. Jes.
J. Donne.


This advantage you, and my other
friends have, by my frequent Fevers,
that I am so much the oftener at the gates
[CW: of]

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