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To my honoured friend G. G. Esquire.

I should not only send you an account by
my servant, but bring you an account of-
ten my self, (for our Letters are our selves)
and in them absent friends meet) how I
do, but that two things make me forbear
that writing: first, because it is not for my
gravity, to write of feathers, and strawes,
and in good faith, I am no more, conside-
red in my body, or fortune. And then be-
cause whensoever I tell you how I doe, by
a Letter, before that Letter comes to you,
I shall be otherwise, then when it left me.
At this time, I humbly thank God, I am
only not worse; for, I should as soon look
for Roses at this time of the year, as look
for increase of strength. And if I be no
worse all spring, then now, I am much bet-
ter, for, I make account that those Church
services, which I would be very loth to de-
cline, will spend somewhat; and, if I can
gather so much as will bear my charges, re-
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