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her Ladiship: say what you will (if you
like not this expression) that may make
her Ladiship know, that I shall never let
fall the memory, nor the just valuation of
her noble favours to me, nor leave them
unrequited in my Exchequer, which is, the
blessings of God upon my prayers. If I
should write another sheet, I should be able
to serve your curiosity no more of Dukes
nor LL. nor Courts, and this half line
serves to tell you, that I am truly
Your poor friend and humble servant in Chr. Jes.
J. Donne.

To my honoured friend G. G. Esquire.

Neither your Letters, nor silence, needs
excuse; your friendship is to me an
abundant possession, though you remem-
ber me but twice in a year: He that could
have two harvests in that time, might just-
ly value his land at a high rate; but, Sir, as
we doe not onely then thank our land,
[CW: when]

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