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To the worthiest Knight Sir Henry Goodere.

Our blessed Saviour, who abounds in
power and goodnesse towards us all,
blesse you, and your family, with blessings
proportioned to his ends in you all, and
blesse you with the testimony of a rectified
conscience, of having discharged all the of-
fices of a father, towards your discreet and
worthy daughters, and blesse them with
a satisfaction, and quiescence, and more,
with a complacency and a joy, in good
ends, and ways towards them, Amen. Your
man brought me your Letter of the 8 of
December this 21 of the same, to Chelsey, and
gives me the largenesse, till friday to send a
letter to Pauls house. There can scarce be any
peece of that, or of those things whereof
you require light from me, that is not
come to your knowledge, by some clearer
way, between the time of your Letter, and
this. Besides the report of my death, hath
thus much of truth in it, that though I be
[CW: not]

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