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To Sir H. G.

I have the honour of your Letter, which,
I am almost sorry to have received: some
few daies before the receit therof D. Turner,
who accompanied my L. Carow to Sion to
dinner, shewed me a Letter from you, from
which I conceived good hopes that your
businesses being devolved into the hands of
the Treasurer, had been in much more for-
wardnesse,then by your Letter to me they
appear to be. I beseech God establish them,
and hasten them, and with them, or with-
out them, as he sees most conducible to his
purpose upon you, continue in you a rely-
ing upon him, and a satisfaction in his
waies. I know not whether any Letter
from your son, or any other report, may
have given you any mention of me; he
writ to me from the Compter, that he was un-
der a trifling arrest, and that 3l and some
little more would discharge him. I sent my
man with that money, but bid him see it
[CW: em-]

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