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To my worthy friend F. H.

I can scarce doe any more this week then
send you word why I writ not last. I had
then seposed a few daies for my preparation
to the Communion of our B. Saviours bo-
dy; and in that solitarinesse and arraign-
ment of my self, digested some meditations
of mine, and apparelled them (as I use) in
the form of a Sermon: for since I have not
yet utterly delivered my self from this in-
temperance of scribling (though I thank
God my accsses are lesse and lesse vehe-
ment) I make account that to spend all
my little stock of knowledge upon matter
of delight, were the same error, as to spend
a fortune upon Masks and Banqueting
houses: I chose rather to build in this poor
fashion, some Spittles, and Hospitals, where
the poor and impotent sinner may finde
some relief, or at least understanding of his
infirmity. And if they be too weak to serve
posterity, yet for the present by contempla-
tion of them, &c.

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