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the noblest Countesse, whose commande-
ment, if it had been her Laps pleasure to
have any thing said or done in her service,
at Heydelberg, I should have been glad to
have received. Sir, God blesse you, & spiritu
principali confirmet te; and
Your very true and affectionate servant in Chr. Jes.
J. Donne.
4 Apr. 1619.

To the honourable Knight Sr Henry Goodere.

As you are a great part of my businesse,
when I come to London, so are you
when I send. More then the office of a vi-
sitation brings this Letter to you now; for
I remember that about this time you pur-
posed a journey to fetch, or meet the Lad.
Huntington. If you justly doubt any long
absence, I pray send to my lodging my writ-
ten Books: and if you may stay very long,
I pray send that Letter which I sent you
[CW: cer-]

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