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To Sir Thomas Lucy.

This first of Aprill I received yours of
21 of Martii, which being two days
after the ordinary Smithfield day, I could do
no more, but seal this letter to be sent to you
next Tuesday, because I foresee that I shall
not then be in town. Whatsoever I should
write now, of any passages of these days,
would lose the verdure before the letter
came to you, only give me leave to tell you
that I need none of those excuses, which
you have made to your self in my behalfe,
for my not writing. For your son in law
came to me, so near the time of his going a-
way, as it had been impossible to have re-
covered him with a letter at so farre a di-
stance, as he was lodged. And my L. Hunt.
messenger received that answer, which, I
hope, before this time, you know to be
true, that I had sent the day before, by the
infallible carrier of Smithfield. The Empe-
rours death may somewhat shorten our
[CW: way]

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