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for I am more needy of it then you. And I
know you well provided of Christian, and
learned, and brave defences against all hu-
mane accidents. I will make my best haste
after your messenger: and if my self and
the place had not been ill provided of hor-
ses, I had been the messenger, for you have
taught me by granting more to deny no

Pyesford 3 a clock Your honest unprofitable friend
just as yours came. J. Donne.

To Sir H. G.

I cannot yet serve you with those books
of which your Letter spake. In recom-
pense I will tell you a story, which if I had
had leasure to have told it you when it was
fresh, which was upon Thursday last,
might have had some grace for the rareness,
and would have tried your love to me,
how farre you would adventure to beleeve
an improbable thing for my sake who re-
[CW: lates]

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