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told) a Letter in the nature of a will, for the
disposing of his estate and children, as
though he did not account to see her any
more, but yet Manheim cannot be lost, but
by storming. Your man stays, and our
bell rings me into the Church; there Sir,
I shall recommend you to Gods goodnesse,
24 Septemb. Your friend
J. Donne.

To Sir H.G.

I live so farre removed, that even the ill
news of your great losse (which is ever
swiftest and loudest) found me not till
now, your letter speaks it not plain enough
but I am so accustomed to the worst, that I
am sure it is so in this. I am almost glad that
I knew her so little: for I would have no
more additions to sorrow. if I should com-
fort you, it were an almes acceptable in no
other title, then when poor give to poor;
[CW: for]

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