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To Sir H. G.

This is a second Letter: the enclosed
was written before. Now we are
sure that Heidelberge is taken, and entred
with extreme cruelties. Almost all the de-
fendors forsook their stations; only Sir
Ger. Herbert maintained his nobly, to the
repulsing of the enemy three times, but ha-
ving ease in the other parts, 8oo new fresh
men were put upon his quarter, and after
he had broke 4 Pikes, and done very well,
he was shot dead in the place. Manheim was
soon after besieged, and is still. Heydelth
was lost the 6 of this moneth. the K. upon
news of this, sent to the Spanish ambassa-
our, that the people were like to resent it,
and therefore, if he doubted ought, he
should have a Guard: but I do not see, that
he seems to need it, in his own opinion,
neither, intruth does he; the people are flat:
or trust in God, and the Kings ways. Sir
Hor. Vere hath written to his wife, (as I am
[CW: told)]

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