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when you finde it not unseasonable, let her
see it; and if you can think it fit, that a thing
that hath either wearied, or distasted you,
should receive so much favour, put it
amongst her papers: when you have a
new stomach to it, I will provide you
quickly a new Copy.
At my Micham Your very true friend and servant
Hospitall, Aug. 10. and lover J. Donne.

To the gallant Knight Sir Tho. Lucy.

Because in your last Letter, I have an in-
vitation to come to you, though I ne-
ver thought my self so fallen from my in-
terest, which, by your favour, I prescribe in,
in you, and therefore when in the spring I
hoped to have strength enough, to come in-
to those parts, upon another occasion, I
always resolved to put my self into your
presence too, yet now I aske you more par-
ticularly how you dispose of your self; for
though I have heard, that you purpose a
[CW: jour-]

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