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lest by the Jailors fault this Letter stick
long, I must tell you, that I writ and sent it
12o Decemb. 1600.
Your friend and servant and lover
J. Donne.
12. Decemb. 1600.

To your self.

I send you here a Translation; but it is
not onely to beleeve me, it is a great in-
vention to have understood any piece of
this Book, whether the gravity of the mat-
ter, or the Poeticall form, give it his incli-
nation, and principium motus; you are his
center, or his sphere, and to you as to his
proper place he addresses himself. Besides
that all my things, not onely by obligation,
but by custome, know that that is the way
they should goe. I spake of this to my
L. of Bedford, thinking then I had had a co-
py which I made long since, at Sea, but be-
cause I finde it not, I have done that again:
[CW: when]

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