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To my good friend G.H.

The little businesse which you left in
my hands is now dispatched; if it
have hung longer then you thought, it
might serve for just excuse, that these small
things make as many steps to their end,
and need as many motions for the war-
rant, as much writing of the Clerks, as
long expectation of a Seal, as greater. It
comes now to you sealed, and with it as
strong and assured seals of my service and
love to you, if it be good enough for you.
I owe you a continuall tribute of Letters.
But Sir, even in Princes and Parents, and
all States that have in them a naturall Sove-
raignty, there is a sort of reciprocation,
and as descent to doe some offices due to
them that serve them: which makes me
look for Letters from you, because I have
another as valuable a pawn therefore, as
your friendship, which is your promise;
[CW: lest]

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