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To Sir Henry Goodere.

I speak to you before God, I am so much
affected with yesterdaies accident, that I
think I prophane it in that name. As men
which judge Nativities, consider not single
Starres, but the Aspects, the concurrence
and posture of them; so in this, though no
particular past arrest me, or divert me, yet
all seems remarkable and enormous. God,
which hath done this immediately, without
so much as a sickness, will also immediately
without supplement of friends, infuse his
Spirit of comfort, where it is needed and
deserved. I write this to you from the Spring
Garden, whither I withdrew my self to
think of this; and the intensenesse of my
thinking ends in that, that by my help
Gods work should be imperfected, if by
any means I resisted the amasement.

Your very true friend
J. Donne.
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