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promise so much worth, that it may deserve
your comming this way on Munday, for I
make it with that reservation. God send
you Hawks and fortunes of a high pitch.
Your honest affectionate
J. Donne.

To Sir T.R.

I have bespoke you a New-years-gift, that
is, a good New year, for I have offered
your name with my soul heartily to God in
my mornings best Sacrifice: If for custome
you will doe a particular office in recom-
pense, deliver this Letter to your Lady,
now, or when the rage of the Mask is past.
If you make any haste into the Country, I
pray let me know it. I would kisse your
hands before you goe, which I doe now,
and continue

Micham, the last of 1607. Your affectionate servant
as I remember. and lover J. Donne.
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