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and all yours, in which number, I pray, ac-
count ever
Your very thankfull servant in Chr. Jes.
J. Donne.

To Sir H. G.

I cannot obey you, if you go to morrow
to Parsons-green, your company, that
place, and my promise are strong induce-
ments, but an Ague flouts them all, of
which I have had two such threatnings,
that I provide against it by a little Physick.
This is one fetter; but I have a pair: for I
attend Sir Geo. Mores answer in a little busi-
nesse, of which I can have no account till
his return, so I am fastned here, till after
Sunday. As you are sure that I love you
thorowly, so think this a good expressing
of that, that I promise now, that I will cer-
tainly goe with you on Munday, in despite
of these interruptions, and serve you with
my company to the Bathe; which journie,
it is time to hasten. But I pray think this
[CW: pro-]

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