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To Sir H. Goodere.

Agreeably to my fortune, and thoughts,
I was crawld this back way from Key-
ston; through my broken casement at Bed-
ford, I saw, for my best dish at dinner, your
Coach: I studied your gests, but when I
knew where you were, I went out of this
Town, in a doubt whether I should turn in
to Wrest; and you know the wisdome of
the Parliament is, to resolve ever in the Ne-
gative: Therefore it is likeliest I shall not
come in there; yet, let me give you in pas-
sing, thus much account of my self: I
thought to kisse my L. Spencers hands, at one
house, and have passed three. If you know
nothing to the contrary, risen since I came
from London, I am likely to have a room in
my L. of Dov. train, into the Countrie; if I
have, I do not ask, but use the leave of wai-
ting upon you at home: There and ever
elswhere, our blessed Saviour blesse you,
[CW: and]

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