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To the worthy Knight Sir Tho. Lucy.

Your Letter comes to me, at Grace after
supper; it is part of the prayer of that
Grace, that God will blesse you, and all yours
with his best blessings of both kinde. I
would write you news; but your love to
me, may make you apt to over-beleeve
news for my sake. And truly all things that
are upon the stage of the world now, are
full of such uncertanities, as may justly
make any man loth to passe a conjecture
upon them; not only because it is hard to see
how they wil end, but because it is misinter-
table and dangerous to conjecture other-
wise, then some men would have the event
to be. That which is especially in my con-
templation, which is the issue of my L. of
Canterburies businesse, (for thereupon de-
pends the consecration of my predecessor,
upon which the Deanery devolves to the
King) is no farther proceeded in yet, then
that some of the 10 Commissioners have
[CW: met]

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