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always glad, when I have any way to ex-
presse my love; for in these commandments
you feed my desires, and you give me means
to pay some of my debts to you: the inte-
rest of which I pay in all my prayers for
you, which, if it please not God to shew
here, I hope we shall find again together
in heaven, whither they were sent. I came
this morning to say thus much, and because
the Porter which came to Micham summo-
ned me for this hour to London: from
whence I am this minute returning to end
a little course of Physick.

Friday 8 in the morning. Yours very truly
J. Donne.

To Sir H. G.

I writ to you yesterday taking the bold-
nesse to put a letter into the good Ladies
pacquet for you. This morning I had this
new occasion of writing, that Sir Tho. Roe,
who brought this inclosed Letter to me,
[CW: and]

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