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To the honourable Knight Sir H. G.

Since I received a Letter by your sonne,
whom I have not yet had the honour
to see, I had a Letter Pacquet from you by
Mr Roe: To the former, I writ before: In
this I have no other commandement from
you, but to tell you, whether Mr Villers have
received from the K. any additions of ho-
nour, or profit. Without doubt he hath yet
none. He is here, practising for the Mask;
of which, if I mis-remember not, I writ as
much as you desire to know, in a Letter
which seems not, to have been come to
you, when you writ. In the Savoy business,
the King hath declared himself by an en-
gagement, to assist him with 100000l a
year, if the Warre continue. But I beleeve,
he must farm out your Warwickshire Bene-
volence for the paiment thereof. Upon the
strength of this engagement, Sir Rob. Rich
becomes confident in his hopes. If you
stood in an equall disposition for the West,
[CW: and]

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