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little in your contemplation. Sixteen letters
from M. Gherard, could not (I think) per-
swade a Middlesex Jury of so much disho-
nesty in
Your true servant

J. Donne.

To the Honourable Knight Sir G. P.

I would have intermitted this week with-
out writing, if I had not found the name
of my Lady Huntington in your Letter. The
devotion which I owe, and (in good faith)
pay in my best prayers for her good, in all
kinde awakens me to present my humble
thanks for this, that her Ladiship retains
my name in her memory: she never laid
obligation upon any man, readier to ex-
presse his acknowledgement of them, to
any servant of her servants; I am bound
to say much of this, for your indemnity;
because though I had a little preparation to
her knowledge in the house where I served
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