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To Sir G. B.

Between the time of making up my o-
ther Letters, and the hour that your
man limited me to call for them, came to
my house an other pacquet directed to
him: for by this time, the carrier is as wise,
as his horse, to go to the house that he hath
used to go. I found liberty in the super-
scription to open, and so I did; but for that
part which concerns him, I must attend his
comming hither, for I know not where to
seek him; and beside, I have enough to say
for that part which concerns my self. Sir,
even in the Letter it self to me, I deprehend
much inclination, to chide me: and it is
but out of your habit of good language that
you spare me. So little occasion as that
postscript of mine, could not bring you so
near to it, if nothing else were mistaken,
which (so God help me) was so little, that I
remember not what it was, and I would
no more hear again what I write in an
[CW: officious]

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