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To my best of friends Sir H. G.

I heard not from you this week; there-
fore I write more willingly, because it
hath in it so much more merit. And I
might do it very cheaply, since to convey
to you this Letter, which mine hath the ho-
nour to bring, any little Letter would serve,
and be acceptable for that. Because it came
not last week, I went now to solicite it, and
she sent it me next day with some thankes,
and some excuse that she knew not me,
when I was with her. You know, I do not
easily put my self into those hazards, nor
do much brag of my valor now, otherwise
then I purposed it for a service to you. The
newest thing that I know in the world, is
my new son: whose mothers being well
takes off from me any new waight upon my
fortune. I hear in Newgate, that M. Ma-
thew is dead. The Catholiques beleeve it
there: perchance out of a custome of cre-
dulity. But the report, is close prisoner; for
[CW: I]

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