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who presents her service to you by me
now, and says she will write next week,
and so will I too, by Gods grace. You for-
get me absolutely and intirely, whensoever
you forget me to that noble Countesse. God
blesse you in all, Amen.

9 Martii. Your true servant in Jes. Chr.
J. Donne.

To the best Knight Sir H. G.

At your conveniency, I pray send my
Lady Bedford this inclosed, but be
pleased to put your self to some inconveni-
ence, (if it be so) to kisse my Lady Ruthins
hands in my name, and to present my very
humble service to her, and tell her, that
no ill conscience of having deserved her,
but only an obedience to her command-
ments, keeps me from saying to her self thus
much; that this day I received a letter from
my L. of Kent, written yesterday at Wrest:
in that his Lordships sends me word, that
[CW: that]

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