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they knew of no occasion of sending till
next week. Therefore except I can inform
my self of some good means, I will retain
it, till I have a fresh commandment from
you. I see M. Taverner still in this town, the
Lady Carey went from hence but yesterday. I
am in some perplexity what to doe with
this pacquet, till some good fortune, or your
Letters clear me.

Aug. 19 Your humble servant
J. Donne.

To Sir H. Goodere at Polesworth.

It is true that M. Gherard told you, I had
that commandment from the King sig-
nified to me by my L. and am still under it,
and we are within fourteen days of our
time for going. I leave a scattered flock of
wretched children, and I carry an infirme
and valetudinary body, and I goe into the
mouth of such adversaries, as I cannot
blame for hating me, the Jesuits, and yet I
[CW: go.]

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