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present of his; and I have had a third of-
fer. The businesse of your last weeks Let-
ter concerning the widow, is not a subject
for a feverous mans consideration. There-
fore I only send you back those Letters
which you sent; and aske you leave to
make this which I am fain to call my good
day, so much truly good, as to spend the
rest of it with D. Layfield, who is, upon
my summons, at this hour come to me. My
Physicians have made me afraid, that this
disease will work into my head, and so put
me into lightnesses, therefore I am desi-
rous that I be understood before any
such danger overtake me.
14. March. Your true poor servant
J. Donne.

To the Honourable Knight Sir H. G.

After I have told you, that the Lady
Hay dyed last Tuesday, and that to her
end she was anguished with the memory
[CW: of]

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