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consecration of these elect Bishops, and
consequently, my being Dean, must attend
the issue of this Commission. Sir Tho. Roe
is gone. The Proclamations of putting off
the Parliament, till February, are like to out-
run this Letter. It is very late; and it is
one act, to say Grace after Supper, and to
commend my self into the hands of my
blessed Saviour, in my bed, and so close this
Letter, and mine eies, with the same bles-
sing upon all your family. Amen.

Your poor servant in Chr. Jes.
J. Donne.

To Sir H. G.

I receive this i4 your Letter of the 10.
yet I am not come to an understanding
how these Carriers keep daies: for I would
fain think that the Letters which I sent up-
on Thursday last might have given you such
an account of the state of my family, that
you needed not have asked by this. But
[CW: Sir,]

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