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To Sr T.H.

This evening which is 5o October, I
finde your Letter of Michaelmas day,
and though I see by it, that it is a return of
a Letter, not of the last weeks, and there-
upon make account, that my last weeks
Letter hath satisfied you in some things
which this Letter commands, concerning
Pauls, yet for other things I would give you
a drowsie relation, for it is that time of
night, thogh I called it evening. At the Kings
going from hence, upon Munday last, we
made account to have seen Sir John Sutclin
Secretary, and Sir Rob. Weston Chancellor
of the Exchequer, but they are not done,
but both are fixed: my L. Cranfield received
his staffe, with these two suits obtained
from the King, That all Assignations might
be transferred into the Exchequer, and so
no paiments charged upon the Customes,
nor Receivers, nor the Court or Wards, &c.
And that for a time there might be a damp
[CW: cast]

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