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good Lady emptied of businesse and plea-
sure, present my humble thanks; you can
do me no favour, which I need not, nor
any, which I cannot have some hope to de-
serve, but this; for I have made her opinion
of me, the ballance by which I weigh my
self. I will come soon enough to deliver
my thanks to Sir J. Harr. for your ease,
whom I know I have pained with an ilfa-
voured Letter, but my heart hath one style,
and character; and is yours in wishing,
and in thankfulnesse.
J. Donne.
Peckham Monday afternoon.

To the Honourable Sir R. D.

I gave no answer to the Letter I received
from you upon Tuesday, both because I
had in it no other commandment by it but
to deliver your Letter therein, which I did,
and because that Letter found me under
very much sadnesse, which (according to
the proportion of ills that fall upon me)
[CW: is]

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