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portunity of the houre excuses me, and deli-
vers you fropm further trouble from
13 Decemb. Your very true friend and servant
J. Donne.

To Sir H. G.

I Love to give you advantages upon me,
therefore I put my self in need of another
pardon from you, by not comming to you;
yet I am scarce guilty enough to spend
much of your vertue from you, because I
knew not of your being come till this your
Letter told me so, in the midst of dinner at
Peckham, this Monday. Sir, I am very truly
yours; if you have overvalued me in any ca-
pacity, I will do what I can to overtake your
hopes of me. I wish my self whatsoever you
wish me; and so I do, what ever you wish
your self. I am prisoner and close; else I
had not needed this pardon, for I long
much, and much more by occasion of your
Letter, to see you: when you finde that
[CW: good]

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