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impressions of me in him. Sir, as my dis-
cretion would do, my fortune doth bring
all my debts into one hand, for I owe you
what ever Court friends do for me, yea,
whatsoever I do for my self, because you al-
most importune me, to awake and stare the
Court in the face. I know not yet what
conjecture to make of the event. But I am
content to go forward a little more in the
madnesse of missing rather then not pre-
tend; and rather wear out, then rust. It is
extreme late; and as this Letter is nothing,
so if ever it come to you, you will know it
without a name, and therefore I may end
it here.

To the Honourable Knight Sir H. Goodere.

Though you escape my lifting up of
your latch by removing, you cannot
my Letters; yet of this Letter I do not much
accuse my self, for I serve your Command-
ment in it, for it is only to convey to you
[CW: this]

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