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To the best Knight Sir H. Wootton.

When I saw your good Countesse
last, she let me think that her
message by her foot-man would hasten you
up. And it furthered that opinion in
me, when I knew how near M. Mathews
day of departing this kingdome was. To
counterpoyse both these, I have a little
Letter from you brought to me to Micham
yesterday, but left at my lodging two days
sooner: and because that speaks nothing
of your return, I am content to be perplex-
ed in it: and in all other, so in this
perplexity to do that which is safest.
To me it is safest to write, because it per-
formes a duty, and leaves my conscience
well: and though it seem not safest for the
Letter, which may perish, yet I remember,
that in the Crociate for the warres in the
Holy Land, and so in all Pilgrimages enter-
prised in devotion, he which dies in the
way, enjoyes all the benefit and indulgences
[CW: which]

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