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in longer time. Here is room for an Amen;
the prayer ---- so I am going to my
bedside to make for all you and all yours,
Your true friend and servant in Chr. Jesus
J. Donne.

A.V. Merced.
I write to you out of my poor Libra-
ry, where to cast mine eye upon good
Authors kindles or refreshes sometimes
meditations not unfit to communicate to
near friends; nor from the high way,
where I am contracted, and inverted into
my self; which are my two ordinary for-
ges of Letters to you. But I write from the
fire side in my Parler, and in the noise of
three gamesome children;ii and by the side
of her, whom because I have transplanted
into a wretched fortune, I must labour to
disguise that from her by all such honest
devices, as giving her my company, and
discourse, therefore I steal from her, all the
[CW: time]

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