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generall wishes of you own good, then I
am in my particular, of which none rises
in me, that is not bent upon your enjoying
of peace and reposednesse in your fortunes,
in your affections, and in your conscience;
more then which I know not how to
wish to
Paris the 9 Apr. Your very affectionate servant and
1612. here. lover J. Donne.

To Sir H. Wotton.
Octob. the 4th 1622. almost ad midnight.

All our moralities are but our out-
works, our Christianity is our Citadel;
a man who considers duty but the dignity
of his being a man, is not easily beat from
his outworks, but from his Christianity
never; and therefore I dare trust you, who
contemplates them both. Every distem-
per of the body now, is complicated with
the spleen, and when we were young men
[CW: we]

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