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read it not till Michaelmas, was told you at
Micham, 15. August. 1607.

To my most worthy friend Sir Henry Goodere.

Because evennesse conduces as much to
strength and firmnesse as greatnesse
doth, I would not discontinue my course
of writing. It is a sacrifice, which though
friends need not, friendship doth; which
hath in it so much divinity, that as we must
be ever equally disposed inwardly so to
doe or suffer for it, so we must sepose some
certain times for the outward service there-
of, though it be but formall and testimoni-
all: that time to me towards you is Tuesday,
and my Temple, the Rose in Smith-field.
If I were by your appointment your Refe-
rendarie for news, I should write but short
Letters, because the times are barren. The
low Countries, which used to be the Mart
of news for this season, suffering also, or ra-
ther enjoying a vacation. Since therefore I
[CW: am]

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