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To Sir H. G.

In the History or style of friendship,
which is best written both in deeds and
words, a Letter which is of a mixed nature,
and hath something of both, is a mixed Pa-
renthesis: It may be left out, yet it contri-
butes, though not to the being, yet to the
verdure, and freshnesse thereof. Letters
have truly the same office, as oaths. As these
amongst light and empty men, are but fil-
lings, and pauses, and interjections; but
with weightier, they are sad attestations: So
are Letters to some complement, and obli-
gation to others. For mine, as I never au-
thorized my servant to lie in my behalfe,
(for if it were officious in him, it might be
worse in me) so I allow my Letters much
lesse that civill dishonesty, both because they
go from me more considerately, and be
cause they are permanent; for in them I may
speak to you in your chamber a year hence
before I know not whom, and not hear my
[CW: self.]

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