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surprised, nor besieged; for, long prayers
have more of the man, as ambition of elo-
quence, and a complacencie in the work,
and more of the Devil by often distracti-
ons: for, after in the beginning we have
well intreated God to hearken, we speak no
more to him. Even this Letter is some ex-
ample of such infirmitie, which being in-
tended for a Letter, is extended and strayed
into a Homilie. And whatsoever is not
what it was purposed, is worse, therefore
it shall at last end like a Letter by assuring
you I am

To your selfe.

Sir Germander Pool, your noble friend and
fellow in Armes, hath been at this
house. I finde by their diligent inquiring
from me, that he hath assured them that he
hath much advanced your proceeding, by
his resignation; but cooled them again
with this, that the L. Spencer pretends in
[CW: his]

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