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bold to deliver my poor Letters to her La-
diships hands, through yours, whilest I am
abroad though I shall ever account my
self at home, whilest I am in your me-

Your affectionate servant and lover
J. Donne.

To Sir H. G.
Nature hath made all bodies alike, by
mingling and kneading up the same
elements in every one. And amongst men,
the other nature, Custome, hath made every
minde like some other; we are patterns, or
copies, we informe, or imitate. But as he
hath not presently attained to write a good
hand, which hath equalled one excellent
Master in his A, another in his B, much
lesse he which hath fought all the excellent
Masters, and imployed all his time to ex-
ceed in one Letter, because not so much an
excellency of any, not every one, as an even-
nesse and proportion, and respect to one
[CW: another]

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