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I protest earnestly to you, it troubles me
much more to dispatch a pacquet into Eng-
land, without a Letter to her, then it would
to put in three. But I have been heretofore
too immodest towards her, and I suffer this
Purgatory for it. We make account to leave
this place within 8 or 10 days, and hence
to make our best haste to the Count Maurice,
where we think to finde again the young
Palatine: all this I tell you only because
when you know, that we shall run too fast
to write any more Letters, you may easily
pardon the importunities and impertinen-
cies of this, and cast into no lower place of
your love

Spâ, 26 July here Your very true friend and servant
1612. J. Donne.

To my Lord G. H.

I am near the execution of that purpose
for France; though I may have other ends,
yet if it do but keep me awake, it recom-
[CW: penses]

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