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I leave not out my wishes, that their fortunes
may second their goodnesse. Amen.

To Sir H. G.

This Tuesday morning, which hath
brought me to London, presents me
with all your letters. Me thought it was
a rent day, I mean such as yours, and not as
mine; and yet such too, when I conside-
red how much I ought you for them,
how good a mother, how fertill and
abundant the understanding is, if she
have a good father; and how well
friendship performs that office. For that
which is denied in other generations is
done in this of yours: for here is superseta-
tion, childe upon childe, and that which is
more strange, twins at a latter conception.
If in my second religion, friendship, I had
a conscience, either errantem to mistake good
and bad and indifferent, or opinantem to be
ravished by others opinions or examples,
or dubiam to adhere to neither part, or scrupu-
[CW: losam]

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