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seek him at Court, to let me understand his
purpose therein; for if my means may
make me acceptable to the Queen and him,
I should be very sorry, he should make so
farre steps therein with any other, that I
should fail in it, onely for not have spoke
to him soon enough. It were an injury to
the forwardnesse of your love to adde
more, here therefore I kisse your hands,
and commend to you the truth of my love.
From my lodging in the Strand, Your very affectionate
whither I shall return on Mun- servant and lover
day, 23 June 1607. Jo. Donne.

To Sr H. G.

You husband my time thriftily, when
you command me to write by such a
messenger, as can tell you more then I can
write, for so he doth not onely carry the
Letter, but is the Letter. But that the naming
of some things, may give you occasion to
ask him farther, and him to open himself
unto you, give me leave to tell you, that the
[CW: now]

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