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To the Honourable Kt Sr H. Goodere one of the
Gent. of his Majesties privy Chamber.

You may remember that long since
you delivered Mr Fowler possession of
me, but the wide distance in which I have
lived from Court, makes me reasonably
fear, that now he knows not his right and
power in me, though he must of necessity
have all, to whom you and I joyn in a gift
of me, as we did to him, so that perchance
he hath a servant of me, which might be
passed in a book of concealment. If your
leisure suffer it, I pray finde whether I be in
him still, and conserve me in his love; and
so perfect your own work, or doe it over
again, and restore me to the place, which
by your favour I had in him. For Mr Powell
who serves her Maty as Clerk of her coun-
sell, hath told me that Mr Fowler hath some
purpose to retire himself; and therefore I
would fain for all my love, have so much
of his, as to finde him willing when I shall
[CW: seek]

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