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Bastile, likely to be presently tortured; all his friends
here commanded to their houses, and the Queens com-
panies of light horse sent already thitherward, and
foot companies preparing; which troops being sent against
a place, so much concerning those of the Religion to
keep, and where they abound in number and strength,
cannot chuse but produce effects worthy your hearing
in the next Letter.

To Sir H. G.

Because I am in a place and season where
I see every thing bud forth, I must do
so too, and vent some of my meditations
to you; the rather because all other buds
being yet without taste or virtue, my Let-
ters may be like them. The pleasantnesse
of the season displeases me. Every thing re-
freshes, and I wither, and I grow older and
not better, my strength diminishes, and
my load growes, and being to passe more
and more stormes, I finde that I have not
only cast out all my ballast which nature
[CW: and]

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