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take you from some businesse, but I make
you a new businesse by drawing you into
these meditations. In which let my open-
nesse be an argument of such love as I
would fain expresse in some worthier fa-

To Sir G. F.

I writ to you once this week before; yet
I write again, both because it seems a
kinde of resifting of grace, to omit any
commodity of sending into England and
because any Pacquet from me into England
should go, not only without just fraight, but
without ballast, if it had not a letter to you.
In Letters that I received from Sir H. Wotton
yesterday from Amyens, I had one of the
8 of March from you, and with it one from
Mrs Danterey, of the 28 of January: which
is a strange disproportion, But Sir, if our
Letters come not in due order, and so
make not a certain and concurrent chain,
[CW: yet]

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