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To Sir H. G.

I hope you are now welcome to London,
and well, and well comforted in your
Fathers health and love, and well conten-
ted that we ask you how you doe, and tell
you how we are, which yet I cannot of my
self; If I knew that I were ill, I were well;
for we consist of three parts, a Soul, and Bo-
dy, and Minde: which I call those thoughts
and affections and passions, which neither
soul nor body hath alone, but have been be-
gotten by their communication, as Mu-
sique results out of our breath and a Cornet.
And of all these the diseases are cures, if they
be known. Of our souls sicknesses, which
are sinnes, the knowledge is, to acknow-
ledge, and that is her Physique, in which
we are not dieted by drams and scruples,
for we cannot take too much. Of our bo-
dies infirmities, though our knowledge be
partly ab extrinseco, from the opinion of the
Physician, and that the subject and matter
[CW: be]

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